Niagara Winery Tourism

Niagara Wine Tourism Growing Strong

The Niagara region is known world-wide for its most popular Niagara Falls attraction: the Falls. But each year, a large number of Niagara tourists explore many other options too; a Niagara wine tour is one of them. Read more

Ontario Canada’s Biggest Tourist Attraction Niagara Falls Stops Flowing

Did Niagara Falls stop flowing?  On March 29, 1848, people in Niagara Falls freaked out. On that day one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world stopped flowing. No water flowed over the great cataracts for over 30 hours. Read more

Daredevils of Niagara Falls | Kirk Jones goes over without Protection

October 20th is the anniversary of the Daredevil Kirk Jones going over the falls. He was aged 40, from Canton, Mich. and went over the Falls without any protection. Read more

What to eat in Niagara Falls

Summer is getting closer and for many people this is the right time to start to plan a trip for the next vacations. Probably, you are thinking of visiting an amazing natural wonder this time, so what about a trip to Niagara Falls?

The giant and powerful falls with millions liters cubes launching from up to the bottom of the river represent something unbelievably charming and attractive for both adults and children.

So, visiting Niagara Falls with the whole family is a great idea for a nice summer trip. Once you get there, look for a nice restaurant where you can eat the typical foods in Niagara Falls.

Typical foods in Niagara Falls

Starting from the breakfast, you have all the day to discover the different tastes and smells of the local cuisine. Omelet with slices of fresh tomatoes and salad will please your first meal of the day.

For lunch you can choose a wide range of foods from different cultures. In fact, Canada hosts many cultures and most of its habitants have foreign origins. This reflects on the culinary tradition as well.

Italian, French and Chinese or Japanese restaurants are very easy to find in Niagara Falls.

You can also find many house tea kind of restaurants: these are inspired to the Victorian age tradition of drinking tea in the afternoon.

Chicken and meat

Among the most popular foods in Canada and Niagara Falls there is meat. Not all meat are same good and liked, though. In fact, chickens are the most popular kind of meat.

In Niagara Falls you can also find a Filipino chicken dish called “chicken Adobo”. Even though the name can be worrying, the chicken adobo is something delicious and very tasty.

As most Filipino recipes, this Chicken Adobo recipe is a popular and deeply flavored dish. For its creaminess and harmonious smell, the chicken adobo is good to eat both at lunch and at dinner.

The main feature of this chicken recipe is that Filipinos use to prepare it with some coconut milk: this is what gives the chicken adobo that soft and sweet creaminess.

Follow the video tutorial on and learn in a few easy steps how to prepare a tasty chicken adobo by yourself.

The ingredients you need are: 1 chicken, 350 ml rice vinegar, 250 ml coconut milk, 60 ml soy sauce, 12 cloves garlic, 3 bay leaves, hot chili pepper and ground black pepper.

Adventure and history at the Niagara Falls

In the heart of Ontario, Canada, you can find one of the most beautiful and breathtaking wonders of Nature: the Niagara Falls.

Visiting these sensational falls is not only a way to escape from the daily routine and totally immerge in a wild and powerful natural habitat. It’s living a new experience with a nice package including attractions for families and children, high class hotels and dining and a cool night life and family adventure.

Attractions of all kinds for all kinds of tourists

There are no other places on Earth that will give you exactly the same thrills than Niagara Falls. What’s more, you can find both exciting attractions to visit and pleasant and restful sightseeing. So, we can fairly say that visiting Niagara Falls is a complete vacation experience.

In fact, Niagara Falls feature the best restaurants as well as the most refined and elegant restaurants for tourists. Hotels offer a wide range of services (including internet connection, phone line, TV and many more).

Particular attention is given to the nightlife side of visiting Niagara Falls. In fact, concert and night clubs are the most attractive places to be when visiting this edge of Canada.

Daredevil Kayak Stunt kiboshed by Police

Niagara Falls police put the stop on a kayak stunt that would have seen the daredevils go over the falls. Niagara Parks Police Inspector Paul Forcier said police received a tip about the stunt and contacted the individuals involved.

Any attempts to perform a stunt (wthout permission from the Niagara Parks Comission like Nik Wallenda) carries a fine of up to $9,600.  Of course, things could be a lot worse if you’re attempting to go over Niagara Falls in a Kayak!


Canada’s Niagara Falls Lights up Blue for His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge

Duchess Kate gave birth to a baby boy on July 22 and the popular Canadian attraction decided to honor the occasion by illuminating the waterfalls blue for the newborn. According to Janice Thomson, NPC Chair and Niagara Falls Illumination Board member, this was the city’s special way to commemorate the birth of their future king and congratulate the royal couple on the arrival of their first child.

New parents Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their first child into the world after the pregnant Kate was admitted to hospital in the early hours of July 22. Kate’s labor had gone well, and experts revealed it was about the average time for a first time mom in labor. Her royal husband was by her side and mom and baby are doing just fine.

The new royal trio left the hospital 25 hours after his birth, posing for photos in a similar fashion to that of William’s parents, Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales, who gave the world a first glimpse of the two Princes when leaving the hospital. The baby was named George Alexander Louis and will be known as

His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. He is the third-in-line to the throne.

In December 2012 the Royal Family confirmed that Kate would be welcoming the couple’s first child this summer. A few months into her pregnancy, the Duchess was admitted to hospital for severe morning sickness.

In 1991, Diana, Princess of Wales, Prince William, and Prince Harry paid a visit to Niagara Falls Ontario Canada, wearing raincoats for an up-close Niagara Falls attraction tour. According to Thomson, the city would be delighted to host a Niagara Falls vacation for William and Kate as well.

The popular tourist destination of Niagara Falls attracts more than 12 million world-wide visitors each year.

Death-defying Stunt to Put Spotlight on Niagara Falls…Again

As the Grand Canyon National Park enjoys its turn in the spotlight with the upcoming death-defying stunt by Nik Wallenda, a growing group of Niagara Falls residents is asking, “What’s next for the Falls?” Read more