Niagara: Miracles, Myths & Magic is a great entertainment option for groups of all disciplines and sizes. Whether you are looking for a great introduction to the history and majesty of Niagara Falls for a tour group or looking for a classroom field trip that educates students, we are ready to work with you to make sure your visit is easy and stress free for you as a tour operator or teacher. Experience the earliest days of human history at Niagara Falls with the maiden of the mist.  Explore the new frontier with French fur traders and challenge the Falls with 20th century daredevils. You’ll travel through time and learn about Niagara Falls in a fun and informative way.

Tour Operator Options

Our film provides some incredible views on Niagara on the giant screen. Your tour group will be prepared to see the Falls with a much better understanding. We are a short walk to Clifton Hill and offer convenient parking for buses of all sizes.

Educator Field Trip Options

Your students will get a true appreciation of the history of Niagara Falls.  Niagara: Miracles, Myths & Magic will place your students on the edge of their seats as they are both educated and entertained. FREE comprehensive Teacher Resource Guides which are prepared by professional educators like you. The activities for school groups in these guides address Canadian and US education standards and are directly applicable to various grade level curriculums.

“Niagara: Miracles, Myths & Magic” encourages development in learning the history of Niagara including the battle of 1812, Native history including the myth of the Maiden of the Mist, Geological formations and the human achievements of those that conquered the mighty Falls.

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