Daredevils of Niagara Falls | Kirk Jones goes over without Protection

October 20th is the anniversary of the Daredevil Kirk Jones going over the falls. He was aged 40, from Canton, Mich. and went over the Falls without any protection.

Tourists and onlookers saw a man dressed in normal street clothes near the edge of the Canadian side of the falls and then in an instant he went over.  He had stepped into the current was was gone.

Remarkably, Jones was pulled out of the water near the Journey of the Falls attraction with only minor bruising.  Jones declared was wasn’t trying to be a daredevil but was dealing with depression and decided to jump. Conflicting reports suggest that was a cover story and he had planned the whole event with a friend that had planned to record the event.

In late 2003 Mr. Jones was fined for being convicted of mischief and performing an illegal stunt.

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