Wallenda to Tightrope Walk Niagara Falls!

The Niagara Parks Commission has reversed it’s stance and will now allow daredevil tightrope walker Nik Wallenda to walk between the United States and Canada over Niagara Falls.Wallenda already had approval from the State of New York to perform the stunt but needed approval from the Niagara Parks Commission in Ontario before being able to perform the stunt. Wallenda plans to walk across the 160-foot gorge on a 2-inch wire 60 to 70 feet above the water.  The wire will dip in the middle meaning he will need to walk downhill then uphill.

Wallenda’s request had gained the support of Ontario Tourism minister Michael Chan and local officials including the Mayor of Niagara Falls.  The Niagara Parks Commission reconsidered and approved with the stipulation that the walk be a once-in-a-generation event. Future walks will only be allowed every 20 years.

“Our primary focus is on recognizing that daredevil acts and stunting, tightrope walking, that they form part of the rich history of Niagara Falls itself and it’s being recognized and in a way paid tribute to,” Commission Chairwoman Janice Thomson said.

Wallenda needs to work out the details before the end of March, including start and end points. He will fund the entire event himself.  The stunt will be televised on the Discovery Channel.

Wallenda will join a long line of tightrope daredevils at Niagara Falls. The Niagara IMAX Theatre is home to the Niagara Daredevil Gallery where photos and memorabilia are on display. Looks like we’ll be adding a new section soon!

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