Testimonial: IMAX great attraction in Niagara Falls

My wife and I had never been to Niagara Falls so we were quite excited to spend the weekend there. We spent Friday on the American side and then crossed over to the Canadian Side in the evening. We checked into our room, which had a perfect view of the falls – we were quite impressed!
The next morning we did the Maid of the Mist Tour, which was a great time. We loved being out on the water and experiencing the falls in that capacity. After the Maid of the Mist we did our exploring and went into town to some of the shops and wineries, which was really fun. After spending a good deal of time in town, we went and saw the IMAX. Both my wife and I really enjoyed the IMAX. It was really neat to see the falls on this technology – it really made it come to life. Also, we were happy to learn about the history of the falls and we enjoyed hearing the daredevil stories. Some of them are just too unbelievable. How a woman goes over with a cat is beyond me!
After the IMAX we went back to the hotel, got cleaned up, had dinner and went to the casino. That evening when we got back to our room, we were able to see the fireworks over the falls.  It was a gorgeous sight! On Sunday morning we got up, picked up some souvenirs and then headed back to Virginia.
The most memorable part of the trip was definitely the picturesque view from our hotel room. We really enjoyed looking out at the falls at night – what an unbelievable spectacle! The next time we return we’re certainly going to stay longer and investigate the Canadian side a bit more thoroughly.  We hope to return sooner rather than later!

Tony & Suyette Carontenuto – Chesapeake, Virginia

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