Testimonial: Friends enjoy first visit to Niagara Falls

Five of my friends and I were in the area for a bowling tournament and since none of us had been to Niagara Falls, we decided we’d spend as much time there as we could when we had free time. When we first arrived, we walked up to the falls to catch our first glimpse. Unfortunately, it was quite misty that day, so we didn’t get the best view.
After exploring around the falls for a while we made our way over to the IMAX film, which was amazing! I loved hearing about the daredevil stories. Plus, seeing the falls on the IMAX screen was really thrilling as well!
After the IMAX we went to the Daredevil Museum. I found it to be really neat to be able to see the actual items the daredevils used to go over the falls – that was really cool.  Also, the staff answered all of our questions. After the Daredevil Museum we did some more exploring and we made our way over to the Botanical Gardens where we spent a lot of time. We snapped a bunch of photos and then we had to leave to go to the tournament.
The trip by far exceeded our expectations.  We all had a really great time and it was fun to hang out with my friends and have as much fun as we did!

Michelle Borchandt – Hutchinson, Minnesota

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